On Flings and Kwaito: The Muffinz and Moonchild release new single.


Often people ask why The Muffinz don’t write songs about romantic love. Even Songs with titles such as our 2012 ballad “Come with me” may deceive the listener to believe it is about love, but we are adamant that this is not the case. As we grow older and mature together, we’d like to explore more topics outside of the ‘Revolution” and the surroundings we find ourselves in. We’re looking to personalise the narrative using varying music styles but still remaining true to who we want to be.  We wrote this song with fellow just music artist and friend of ours MoonChild Sanelly, the song is titled “Okabani”. We were invited by a television show, Jam Sandwich, to collaborate on something, and that something is this song.

“Okabani” translates to “to whom does this one belong” in English… Yes, lol.  This phrase, which we had to think about very carefully…

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